Hedaya - L'Instant Présent

"Absence and time are nothing when you love", Alfred de Musset

Hedaya - pronounced hadiyya in Arabic, meaning offer or gift - was born out of the desire to give our loved ones a timeless gift. Sometimes caught up in the rush of the world around us, from school to work to play, we fail to spend time with our loved ones. More than that, expressing our feelings to them through our actions, our words, our attentions...

This is where the story of Hedaya started. This desire that we all have to give the perfect gift to our mothers, fathers, wives and husbands... Then, due to lack of time and creativity, we find ourselves giving the most classic gifts year after year.

Hedaya is the gift I wish I could have given at certain times in my life. I love the concept we sell, I was the first customer and I will continue to market it as long as it is a product I would like to give. This is only the beginning of the adventure, but I will make sure to develop the brand in order to open the field of possibilities.

It is now up to you, dear ambassadors, to make the brand known. But first of all, take a break and offer one of our Hedaya boxes to the one you value and who will enjoy L'Instant Présent.